You may be asking, “What is this blog about anyway?”  

You may also be asking, “Why should I read this blog over all the other choices of blogs out there?”  It wasn’t until I decided to start this blog did I realize the amount of existing blogs out there!  It is an overwhelming galaxy of opinions not only to the blogger who is competing with millions of others but it must be a vast black hole for you guys.

“Journal of a sinner”, is simply put…a blog where I journalize the thoughts, hopes and trials that I see, feel and process on this journey called life.  You may wholeheartedly agree with my ramblings or revelations or you may very well find me a simpleton with a degree in “Nutcase.”  Either way, my goal is to be authentic and real.  These traits, as you may have noticed are hard to come by in the church  today.  I don’t throw this out there as a judgement – I’ve included myself  in this area of blatant hypocrisy.   What I have noticed is…with pen in hand (or keyboard at finger tips in this case), I am able to be open and honest.

I realize these journal entries (or blog entries) will be counter-intuitive to the world.  I might even become more estranged because of this.  However, as much as I possible, I have decided to lay down my vulnerabilities and to focus on what pleases God and not the world.  I want to encourage a discouraged world that NEEDS hope; hope that only comes from the TRUTH of God’s Word even if it is NOT popular.

If you enjoy this blog – please pass it on to others especially those that do not have hope.  Share this blog with fellow believers who are struggling with discouragement as we ALL do!  There may be something in this blog that will be used as a conduit for the Holy Spirit to prompt them or you into action or refreshing.

So I hand you this invitation to walk through the pages of a real sinner by admitting my humanity to you, yet also, expressing my daily unquenchable desire to be made more and more into the image of Jesus Christ.

Galatians 2:20

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