moon_harvest_9-29-2012As you may know, my last name is “Moon.”  Many of those that I have had the great honor of working beside on our mission trips to Romania have habitually called me, “Harvest Moon.”  It’s always a little fun, simply because my role on these trips is evangelism and my last name is “Moon”.  Makes sense right?  Harvest?  Harvesting souls for Christ?  Get it? get it?

I wanted to specifically speak on this nickname because it holds a special place in my heart. It’s on these trips that I really see God work.  It isn’t that I think God isn’t working the rest of the time.  I just think it’s more about me “getting out of the way” so He CAN do HIS work.  I have to admit – being vulnerable on a mission trip is an understatement.

Honestly, I wasn’t quite sure EXACTLY what a “Harvest Moon” was.  Yes, yes, I even went to college!  As a matter of fact, while I was at Judson College in Marion, AL., many years ago, we used to sing a sweet song called, “O, Mr. Moon – Shine on, Harvest Moon”.  Little did I know one day, I would actually marry Mr. Moon!  Nor did I know then that my “Mission” nickname would be “Harvest Moon.”

This last September, I got a very encouraging email from one of my mission trip brothers which included

Where Can I currently purchase this book?
Journal of a Sinner, Listening for that Still Small Voice

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  3. of a Sinner, Listening for that Still Small Voice
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