cropped-tulips.jpgThe bible talks a lot about lepers.  We learn that Jesus healed many of them.  When a leper walked down the street they were to cover their mouths with cloth and holler out, “Unclean, unclean.” Talk about a lonely life.  They were not only outcasts from society, estranged from family but also reviled.  Many of us can’t even make it to the grocery store without a bottle of sanitizer.  Imagine the disgust you would feel seeing a leper walk into Wal-Mart.

At least a year ago, I had a chilling event happen to me.  As I went to a local rehab hospital to visit an elderly friend I heard the most horrible screams coming from a room way down the hall.  These screams were more like an angry rant not an inviting call of welcome, I promise.  Yet, I have no idea what came over me but I turned and headed towards that room.  I remember thinking to myself, “What are you doing?”  The angry outburst continued and I cautiously but unrelentingly moved forward until I found myself not only in this person’s room but at the edge of this crazed woman’s bed.

I think this incident could be classified in my mind as one of the strangest and scariest moments of my life.  She looked like a true leper or at least what this twenty-first century girl imagines one to be.  Her face was pasty white and looked as though it were flaking off.  Her eyes were gaunt and there was little hair remaining on her head.  Her face revealed nothing lovely or kind.  She radiated hate to a level I had never witnessed.  So “Why am I standing at the foot of her bed”, I kept thinking?  I was literally on auto-pilot and obviously not in my right mind.

When I walked in, she never turned her gaze towards me but continued cursing and ranting like a delusional person.  She hollered vile words and accusations like, “You never loved me,” and “I took care of you and now look at you”.  And a few times she hollered angrily still, “JESUS – TAKE ME!!”  She screamed things that I am not permitted to mention in this blog with good conscious.  I only wish I could because these words that I place on this paper are not adequate in description of this event.  My insides were shaking like a bag of bones but something caused me to stand there.  Just stand there!  I knew God was doing something and I was to stand and wait for it.  Suddenly, out from my mouth came these words, “But Jesus loves you.”  Her eyes swiftly turned in my direction and there was unexpected quietness.  Quiet. Quiet. Quiet.  I thought my heart would explode out of my chest.  Then her eyes gazed forward again and the vile things spewed out just as loud as ever.  It was like a recording, saying the same things over and over and over again.  Then the occasional, “JESUS, TAKE ME!!!” yet there was nothing in her that said, “I belong to the Lord.” Her words seemed more like a profaning.  Then again, I said fearlessly but timidly in my core, “But Jesus will never leave you.” Again, the swearing and detestable rant abruptly stopped and her eyes looked closer in my direction.  Then once again, there was eerie quiet.  Quiet. Quiet.  I realized in that moment.  There IS POWER in the name of JESUS CHRIST!  My heart beating was the only thing I could hear in that room.   After a moment though, she went right back to her rage.

I was just about to turn and leave when her tirade suddenly stopped again but this time she looked me STRAIGHT in

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