Jesus' handsI need to be working on my Wednesday night lesson but I’m having trouble concentrating.  I’ve had a disturbing day, to say the least.

In S.S. this last Sunday, we talked about “Life’s Interruptions.”  Well, last night and today would definitely fall into that category but not in a flippant way as the lesson almost infers.  This situation is as serious as serious can be.

What I’m learning is even when you have washed your hands of a person or people and made “Christ-ly” peace with them, don’t assume God is done pulling you into their very messy, emotionally draining and sad lives.  Never assume God is ever finished with you in a certain situation just because “You’ve decided” you are.

I think we walk around in our little world thinking we have it all figured out and suddenly God throws the most unexpected curve ball.  And when it comes, your spirit cannot do anything less then “Catch that ball” regardless of whether you want to or not.  Regardless of whether it’s convenient.  These balls that come flying in tend to be fast, hard and can even sometimes cause bloody wounds. Getting back involved with people that have caused you pain and left a wake of misery is the furthest from your mind.  Yet, I’m reminded of what  Paul says in 1 Corithians 13:2, “If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.”

We’ve all heard those little christian cliches like, “Dying to Self” or “Laying it all down.”  I used to think that what that really meant was giving up those things that are wrong morally, like say…cheating on a test, getting inebriated, doing drugs, committing adultery, stealing, those sorts of things .  Rules.  But what I clearly see is that “Dying to self” isn’t really so much about breaking rules as it is about a literal dying to your easy life.  Dying to what’s comfortable to you.  Dying to receiving the justice owed you.  In other words, are you willing to get dirty, messy and maybe even taken down in the whole process of it all?  You are making a decision, am I actually going to lay my life down, my earthly rights and willingly give it to Christ?  Imagine cutting your heart

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