cluelessThere aren’t many people that can admit that they are clueless, but I can.  Here are just a few examples of my “Clueless-ness” over the years.  I hope this makes you feel better about yourself if you walk the path of “clueless-ness”.

Growing up, most of the women in my family would say, “You should have been a blonde!”  Which was so ironic because I was the only one in my immediate family that was NOT a blonde!  My twin brother, older sister and my mother are all blondes.  Maybe there was a mix up in the paint factory and my hair was SUPPOSED to be blonde but somehow was drenched with brunette.  ???

After laying out of college for a few years and then later returning,  I attended the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) and took many classes including Spanish.  I don’t know what was so difficult about that class but it caused me a lot of grief!  You must believe me when I say this, that teacher hated me!  Don’t laugh!  She insisted that we speak Spanish throughout the entire classroom experience and I couldn’t understand because my English was much more understandable!  I also felt everyone else’s English was more understandable!  My professor was not impressed with my “twenty something” logic.  She informed us pretty quickly (in Spanish, of course) that we were to sit through a Spanish “lab” twice a week where we were to put headphones on and listen to Spanish conversations.  Sooooo two days a week, I religiously went to my lab, sat in a little cubicle all by my self and patiently listened to all kinds of Spanish discussions between, men, women and children never having a clue what they were saying.  I remember doodling on paper, doing other homework and sometimes staring off into space for two-half hours, two days a week.  I do recall thinking many times….how is this supposed to help me?   Midway through the course, my professor asked us to turn in our “Lab book with all our completed work”.  I asked her in Spanish, “Que’ libro de laboratorio?” (“What lab work?”) For 8 weeks, I had sat in a small cubicle listening to garble on earphones never realizing there was a lab book to purchase and worksheets to complete. I tried to explain to my professor in Spanish that, “Estoy desorientado” (“I am clueless”.)  She agreed but didn’t care.

My first job, I was clueless on how

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