houstonDid you know that “Houston” means “Hugh’s town, a settlement on a hill”?  We’ll get to this later.

Last week, our pastor showed a small clip in church of President Ronald Reagan as he sat in the Oval Office and addressed the nation on December 23, 1983.  He wished the American citizens and others around the world a Merry Christmas.  I choked up as I heard our president speak about Christ coming into this world “as a babe and how it’s difficult for all of us to understand why he would do such a thing.  But maybe it should remind us of how we should treat each other; with humility.” (paraphrased.)  He spoke about the star of Bethlehem being the light that guided the shepherds by night.  Later, he spoke about the plight of the Polish people and how their God given liberties were being jeopardized by their own government.  Sound familiar?  In showing our solidarity to the Polish people, Reagan encouraged the American people to shine the light of “Christ”mas (my emphasis) from every window in America with a candle.  We used to be a light; a city on a hill; a beacon of hope.  It was our responsibility, in our humility, and solidarity to shine light from each one of our homes to all those nations looking on. This light wasn’t just to shine that Christmas Eve as Reagan requested.  It was our responsibility to shine the light every single day throughout the world.  You might ask, “Why is it our responsibility” and my answer is because “whom much is given, much is required.”

America was founded on christian values.  How can

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