I spent the better part of my weekend in Brandon, Mississippi.   There, I attended a board meeting of a mission organization called RAM (Romanian-American Mission) that I’m involved with. I’ve made four summer mission trips with this organization over the last four years and now I’m a board member.  Each year, I go and share the gospel to the best of my ability, allowing God to do what He will with me and share truth.

This organization has been used by God to change my life.  It has caused me to redirect my life and my thinking.  It’s as though the LORD has removed the scales from my eyes and now, well, I can see more clearly.  The vision of God (working through RAM) is to reach people for Christ in Europe, starting in Romania and working outward.  Currently this organization has expanded into Austria, Macedonia, Italy, Spain, Moldova, Serbia, Great Britain and all over Romania including the upper regions near the borders of Ukraine.  It began with a vision given to a man who often referred to himself as “Just a Carpenter’s Helper” who stepped out in faith in 1996.  Thousands and I mean thousands have been touched for Christ in some form or fashion through this ministry.  Just in the last four years that I’ve been involved, I have personally witnessed miracles of hearts being changed everywhere– not just European hearts but ours too!  The idea here is to not just send groups of American’s every summer but most importantly, to train the local indigenous people to preach the gospel to their own people.  RAM then, plants a church and encourages and pays the salary of those local pastors.

There is no better way to love Jesus than to walk by faith.  Proving we love Jesus is not about that emotional feeling we get during the worship service Sunday morning. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)  But showing Christ we love Him is about walking in obedience and putting our life down; all the fears, hurts, anger, bitterness and all our earthly rights.  I can honestly say that I love Jesus more today than I ever have before  because of these opportunities given me to walk by and through faith.  I can say without a doubt, Christ has released me from many concerns that controlled me since THE moment I truly “stepped out.”  It isn’t that I do not deal with these fears anymore; it’s that I’ve witnessed the POWER in

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