ImageI was talking to the kids the other morning about their lives and what an affect their seemingly small lives can have for the Kingdom of God. It’s interesting, as a parent how God will inspire us as we try to inspire our children. I explained how an elderly woman told me about Jesus during Vacation Bible School when I was seven years old. I specifically remember the theme of the VBS week, “The Good News!” I remember thinking, “What good news?”  It was really the first time I had heard anything quite that dramatic. I remember believing IMMEDIATELY. I think about that woman often. I think about how she made an invaluable effect in my life at a minimum, and potentially the lives of my own children. Then I wonder how many other little children she helped along the way and brought them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. But for the sake of being conservative lets say out of five hundred children she may have taught over the course of her lifetime only ten children actually became true believers. Isn’t it entirely possible she may have passed away feeling she had little affect, for the Kingdom of God? How wrong she would have been!  How many families, children, spouses would have been transformed from that conservative number of ten?  If we did the math on just those few people over the span of this woman’s lifetime the numbers could be up in the thousands! And this is just a conservative estimation.

Years ago, shortly after Steve and I were married we were invited to a co-workers house for a social. It seemed like a strange invitation as we had never socialized outside work with this couple before. So despite that nagging feeling that something wasn’t right, we decided to go anyway. When we arrived, we immediately realized we were the honored guests. We walked in and there were six other couples that all knew each other and who were staring

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