chair“Designer Aga Brzostek took the Snuggie one step further to create the Autumn/Winter Chair, a.k.a. a giant foam chair with a blanket attached. Has she gone too far?” 

This was the title of a “Gizmodo” article my husband subscribes too.  It’s a tech blog and he could not wait to show me this “get up.”  He knows me better than myself.  To be completely honest the moment I saw that chair, I have been in love ever since.  I mean it – LOVE!  Is there something wrong with me?  Then I begin to wonder when it all began to change…you know….seeing myself as that “cool chic” to just a tired woman wrapped up in a warm, cozy (did I mention “cozy”) recliner?  I knew something was wrong after I started having those weird desires to continue wearing maternity pants long after I had given birth to my twin boys.  After all, who would know?  I wanted comfort!  Is that so wrong?  Have I lost my “Cool factor?”

I have noticed the older I get the more I appreciate things like an extra jacket to carry in the restaurant, tennis shoes rather than high heels, warm socks when I sleep and provisions in my purse for a possible downpour of tears which would insure an onslaught of nasty “snotting.”  I can’t have that.

I’ve decided I’m turning into my grandmother but I’m still very young. Right? :/  The only exception is I haven’t starting carrying “Juicy Fruit” gum in my purse to hand out to all the bored children down the church pew.  It isn’t because I haven’t considered it.  If I was able to control my “smacking” while I chewed, then I probably would carry “Juicy Fruit” gum in my purse.   Yet, I’m certain to always have cough drops on hand!  Why?  It isn’t as though I’m fighting a constant bronchial infection.  Yet, there they are.  My grandmother always had cough drops too.

What is going on?  When did the thoughts of tears, snot, coughing and warmth become a priority in my life?  I don’t think this seems “Cool.”  Gosh – I remember when I first started my career I used to wear 2 to 3 inch heels every single day to work.  I used to run through the office like a marathon runner in those shoes just to grab the phone in time.  What I carried in my purse had nothing to do with warmth or controlling a cough.  My purse was an oasis of beauty supplies!  It was like “Tammy Faye Baker” on crack.  Whatever the situation, I had a different color lipstick/gloss, thickness of mascara and powder whether for evening wear or day.  There was nothing in my purse that could have effectively helped in a power outage, no pocket knife or cute little flashlight.  Nor did I carry around transformers to entertain little boys.

I remember

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