Seeing this picture might look frightening to you.  I’ve never done well in small spaces and as it turns out, I’ve recently gathered that not only do I not like small spaces in our physical world but I also do not like them in the spiritual world either.  I have never given much thought to this weird concept until recently.  Let me explain.

I realize, spiritually speaking, that God is sovereign in all things.  I suppose if He chooses to place me in a box at the present time he has every right to do so.  I’ve looked through my prayer journal over the last couple of months trying to figure out what’s going on.  Many times, doing this very thing, I can find a pattern of thoughts and ideas that the LORD is showing me.  It’s actually pretty neat.  As I was doing this the other day, I noticed that in most cases, I’ve diligently prayed for things that I know are in accordance with His will.  So why do I find myself in a box, of sorts then?  After all, doesn’t the Word of God promise us if we pray in accordance to His will, it will be done?

What can a person do in a box anyway?  Obviously someone in a box is of no value.  They cannot even voice a discernible idea to anyone other than to an audience of two – the one in the box and the LORD who hears all things.  They certainly in that season, cannot blaze through on some sort of significant trek.  A person with my personality has a hard time sitting in such a box.  I’m realizing this is actually a trust issue.  Maybe you’ve found yourself in a box at one time or another.  The best way to describe it is like being in a “holding pattern”.

Years ago, I was flying to San Francisco to meet my husband who was there on a business trip.  I found myself stuck on the tarmac in Dallas, TX because of torrential storms.  We sat there for 3 hours waiting to disembark the plane.  Meanwhile, I had missed my connecting flight and the battery of my phone had died making it impossible for me to contact my husband who was to meet me in a few hours at the San Francisco International Airport.  Babies were crying all around me, lightening was flashing throughout the sky and people were getting agitated.  There was nowhere for me to run or escape.  I was trapped!  I do not thrive in an environment of agitated people, feeling hot and closed up in small spaces.  That’s when you realize that what you’re supposed to do in that situation is what I like to call, “Suck it up” mode.  I suppose if the LORD wants to put me in a box, even on a tarmac in Dallas, TX the best thing I can do is, well, “Suck it up” and wait out the storm.

I asked earlier, doesn’t the Word of God promise us if we pray in accordance to His will, it will be done? Well, I’ve prayed for wisdom and discernment yet instead I find myself unusually quiet in this area.  It’s as though the Lord has closed my mouth and disabled my cortex.  I’ve prayed for perseverance yet lately, I feel more on the side of fatigued.  I’ve prayed for pure joy that only comes from our Lord and instead, I am experiencing more of His detachment.  In addition, instead of receiving an overflow of the Holy Spirit, as I’ve prayed, it feels more like He has chosen to siphon the storehouse instead.  It’s as though I have asked to go “UP” and the LORD has said, “No, let us go down.”  It’s as though I’ve said, “I choose white and the LORD has said, “But here is black.”  It’s as though I have said, “Fill me up” and the Lord has said, “Drain from her reservoir.”  It’s as though I have asked for His power and the LORD has said, “You will be ineffective for now.”  What is going on here?

My kids like to play this game they call “Opposite Day.”  It goes something like this… if one means to say “yes” then you would instead say “no” and if you mean to say “right” then you would therefore say “left.”  Get it?   My boys can entertain themselves for a long period of time with this game because it gets rather funny and quite confusing as one can imagine.  However; when it comes to real life – there’s nothing funny about “Opposite Day”.

Close your eyes and picture yourself in a transparent box and

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