We are currently flying over Prague, heading towards Bucharest, Romania. Then we have about a six hour drive up in the mountains of Comenesti. I just ate my lunch which seems more like dinner since my day didn’t seem to end yesterday. When I arrived in London, you guys were fast asleep in bed. It was approx. 10:00 am (London) but 4:00 am for you guys. It took Steve a while to answer the phone. 🙂 I did manage to get a few hours of sleep on my eight hour flight from Chicago.

As we finished our dinners last night, I noticed a beautiful sunset off in the distance. That was around 8/9:00 pm last night (Central time). Then at 1:00 am the flight attendants were rolling breakfast carts down the aisle and the sunrise was piercing in. It’s all very strange; only a few hours separating sunsets and sunrises. 🙂

I was feeling very sentimental yesterday just before I left and shortly after. I always get this way just before I leave and go on these trips. After I boarded the plane in Huntsville, I could see my family from my window and we waved continuously until I taxied out of view. It was all very sweet. We should all hug our families more.

Also, I think my sentiment comes from the fact that I I take these trips so seriously. It opens my heart to hidden sin in my life and like my tendency to depend on A #1. It’s a weird time of purging. You know, seeing what you’re really made of? I was reading in John 15 moments ago and could see clearly that when we are with Him (Jesus), the Father will cut off the branches that do not bare fruit and will prune the ones that do. It’s really quite beautiful; the vulnerability (even though it hurts!) It gives way for God to show us how faithful HE is and how unfaithful we really can be. You guys are going to be fed up with all my mushy talk!

Something else that was so sweet to me was the “well wishes” I received just before I left. I got to visit with some precious friends beforehand and speak to several of you either by phone or text. You have no idea how encouraging it has been to me. Please pray for my ears to hear what the spirit is saying, eyes to see and my heart to feel deep compassion for those in need of a Savior. Sometimes it isn’t always easy to love.

Okay, we’ve landed in Bucharest and are driving now through a little thunderstorm. We are heading for Comenesti. It is currently 5:40 pm, Friday evening here. People are dosing off and I’m hearing a few jerking snorts. Hopefully, we’ll reach our destination by midnight tonight. I will say, this year’s travel went the smoothest ever. I met the rest of the team in Chicago and all luggage arrived safely with no problems going through customs in Bucharest. Total team size is 10 people + an additional 10 interpreters. The plan as for now is to separate into 2 groups and hit different small villages. The team leader has already told me he is going to work me some on the eyeglass ministry and some on evangelism. So, as God would have it, I cannot make any plans in my own mind and of my own accord. Who knows…I may be juggling balls and doing stand up comedy before it’s all said and done! 😉 Each day as it currently stands is a complete and utter mystery to me.

Thank you for your prayers. I’ll post this tonight as soon as we get to our rooms in Comenesti and have WiFi. Then it’s bedtime!! Hope the rooster has a sore throat this year!!



Where Can I currently purchase this book?
Journal of a Sinner, Listening for that Still Small Voice

ISBN-10: 1498413064, ISBN-13: 978-1498413060

  1. Online Retailers: Amazon/Barnes & Nobles, ebook readers like: Kindle, Nook
  2. Ask your local LifeWay to order it for you
  3. xulonpress.com/bookstore/Journal of a Sinner, Listening for that Still Small Voice
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