Today we travelled to our first village. It took two hours to get there. We began around 10:30 and worked until 5:00. I was assigned my interpreter this morning and I was blessed to get Carmen again as we have worked together two other years. We work well together and share common goals. It’s like, by now, she understands my train of thought as I try to share with the people. That’s saying a lot! :).

What a great day! As I feared, the line got bottle necked at my station because I was sharing and asking the people if they had assurance of their salvation. Most didn’t know whether they would spend eternity in heaven or hell. They just kept saying, “I don’t know” or “maybe or maybe not.” It was bizarre to me to know that a person could be so none chalet about the whole matter. Most believed they would go to heaven if their good deeds outweighed their sinfulness. It’s all a very confusing matter. I asked many, “If you could earn your salvation then way did Christ die?” It was as though they had never thought about that before. Many promised me they would take the reading glasses that I had just given them and begin to read their bible. Isn’t it interesting to work in eyeglasses? I gave them eyeglasses to see with their eyes and then God is going to use them to open their heart. God has everything planned out before we step foot in this world. Even when we mess up, he works it to good for those that love Him!!

I had a woman that needed prayer because she was a believer but she was also superstitious. She has a relative that is bedridden and epileptic. She asked me if she could catch any evil spirits from her relative. I told her if she was a believer that she was sealed by the Holy Spirit and could not be overtaken and that in all reality her relative simply had an illness not any sort of possession. It may seem almost silly to us but I promise you- this was a very serious and emotional situation for this woman. She wept and wept. We prayed with her and encouraged her to call on the name of JESUS when the spirit of fear came to mind.

We spoke with an alcoholic for

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Journal of a Sinner, Listening for that Still Small Voice

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