Good morning everyone! I am so sorry I have neglected this blog. It’s hard when you’re so tired to think straight enough to write something coherent. But today, we have started our five hour van ride to Bucharest and I have time to speak with you about what God has been doing in all of our hearts; Romanians and Americans.

I will say, this trip has been incredible. Every year…is not comparable to others but stands on its own. When you think on the people; the stories, the poverty, the hurts and then those windows to the soul…it touches your heart inexpressibly. These things are neither happy nor sad but a despairing, a joyous, yet heart wrenching experience. It’s hard to lay hold and give a definition to it all. I wonder if God experiences all these same emotions simultaneously too, when He looks down upon us: a despairing, a joyous and heart wrenching love towards us.

Let me share with you a little of what I saw, heard and felt over the last few days. I saw AND feel convinced that God was in ALL things. I am convinced that the majority of people that came to my eyeglass table were given all the information they needed for salvation. I explained the simplicity of it all and our complete inability to achieve perfection or salvation without Christ. I took them through scripture and had them read it for themselves with their new reading glasses. I had some tell me essentially, “I’ll take my chances” and things like “My religion is Orthodox!” and even, “if I go to hell then I go to hell.” I would always follow up these words, “I wanted you to know the truth and Youve now seen the truth for yourself.” Then i would follow with these words, “I ask you…to think on these things.” I had others that wept and said, “I want hope and assurance.”

I told a thirty year old man that he was so young that he probably wouldn’t have to have reading glasses. Then he angrily asked me if I was mocking him and if so, he would get up right then and leave! We explained to him that we were complimenting him. Then after giving him glasses, I shared the plan of salvation. He listened but was not particularly interested in anything I had to say. So I gave him some tracts and asked him to promise me he would read the material and consider the things in them. He reached and shook my hand and said, “Thank you very much and I promise to throw it all in the trash” and he walked off. I was mildly hurt but mainly I just felt sadness for him. I told my interpreter, “We did what God asked us to do- now he will be accountable.” Later, he was asked to leave the building because he was walking around insulting people. I can’t explain it but ever since he left something in me says, he will not throw that material away but WILL contemplate these eternal matters in the privacy of his home. I feel 100% certain of it, so praise God that the spirit in us speaks the truth while the man continues to speak lies.

Yesterday we went to a village called, “Roman.” This is the most authentic Gypsy village I’ve ever been too. The women all dress like fortune tellers; scarves

Where Can I currently purchase this book?
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