Yeshua Do you like signs? How about supernatural signs? Many of us are quite familiar with all the wonderful supernatural events God displayed to the Jewish people when He delivered them out of Israel.  Remember Moses and his miraculous staff? The waters parting? The billow of smoke by day and the fire by night? How about Joshua and his army simply marching around the walls of Jericho seven times and blowing their trumpets seven times while the “walls came ah crumbling down”?  How about Gideon’s army? Remember God using 300 Israelites to defeat 135,000 Midianites? Remember Elijah praying to God asking Him to send down fire for all the people to see?  What about Jesus coming into the world and fulfilling all the prophecies of the prophets of old like Micah, Isaiah and King David (to name a few)?  And of course, the most important – the most incredible miracle of all: Jesus, God’s son, dying on a cross for our sins and then raising from the dead in all His glory!  He defeated death, isn’t that the most miraculous thing of all times? We have to admit though, in general terms, God hasn’t been quite as noticeably fantastic over the last two thousand years. Certainly, we know God is working miracles all the time but in a more quiet manner.  For whatever reason, He has sovereignly chosen to refrain from doing things like say; raining fire down on the altar of our churches or allowing people like you or me from raising people from the dead, for example. Yet, just when you thought it was safe to get drowsy and fall asleep, think again! God is sending many supernatural and unusual signs to wake us up.  Are you noticing or are you rolling over and  hitting the “Snooze” button? If you are a scoffer you must understand that you being “wrong” is more deadly than me being wrong. After all, if I’m wrong – well, worst case, I

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Journal of a Sinner, Listening for that Still Small Voice
Release Date: November 2014

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