I woke up this morning minding my own business when I made the mistake of getting on Facebook before I could finish a cup of coffee.  This is not a recommended activity. My coffee in the morning, acts as a “sedative” for my day with the benefit of “perk” but this morning WOE to the person that made a lengthy defense of why abortion is okay.  I feel fire coming up so forgive my coming rant. This is your queue to get out of here if you are not up for it.

Someone shared a post concerning the closing of North Alabama’s only abortion clinic. The article sites the reason for its closing is because of the new safety requirements that have been signed into law.  Of course, as you can imagine there were hundreds of comments under the article.  I should have known better than to open that can of worms.  I noticed one particular comment that seemed rather lengthy which drew my attention.  I figured anyone that had that much time to write must feel very passionately about it. (Hence, here I go). I delved into the person’s comment like jumping in to a garbage can blindfolded.  Now I just feel gross and aggravated!  This is where you come in.  Lucky for me – you are my “catch all” bag. You know, the bags provided in case you get sick on the airplane?  I’m just glad I have you.  My apologies ahead of time…

So a woman by the name of Anne is obviously well-educated and studied in law and the constitution because she spent the entire comment proving her case that abortions were lawful and also, our God given right as women.  She even made this statement, “Why do you want to judge and shame women? My God does not judge and punish people for medical procedures which are guaranteed by secular law.”  Based on her comments, I think it’s possible she is an aspiring lawyer and by the looks of her profile picture, a twenty-something.

Remember those days, ladies?  The world was ours, right?  Our bodies, our beauty, our prospective mates and the vast options of career were all lingering within our fingertips.  It seemed so new and exciting.  Men following us around like sheep and if we were clever, we would guide them this way and that way.  I became aware very quickly that as a young woman, there was power in my femininity. Then something unimaginable and radical happened!  I grew up.

I remember in high school, my class

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