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Journal of a Sinner


I’ve decided to write an article on where I am right now in my life.  After all, we mustn’t forget this blog is entitled, “Journal of a Sinner.”  I want to acknowledge to you guys that I too, experience those annoying and reoccurring battles of sin every day.  And also, I experience seasons of utter discouragement and even deep sadness.  I have a sneaking suspicion that because I have a God-given passion and an intense necessity to study and write about deep biblical truths – there may be a misconception about me.  This misguided view sometimes causes this writer to feel alone.  After all, when everyone thinks I have it “all together,” who comforts and encourages the encourager?  If you guys have decided in your heart that I have all the answers, then certainly, I have nowhere to turn (humanly speaking) when I am disheartened.  This article is not about…

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