Sunday, July 5th

This morning we drove two hours from the city of Piatra Neamt, Romania, further north into the mountains. The village is called Borca. (Roll that “r,” by the way :)). I have to say, the countryside is absolutely beautiful, full of rolling mountains and fertile land. The images we saw resembled many photos I’ve seen of Germany. We journeyed by the ninth largest dam in Europe which contains and withholds the fresh waters of Bicaz. The houses sit on the sides of the mountain and I wonder how the residents walk around their grounds upright while working their land. But it is taken care of and they have the fruit trees and lovely gardens full of tomatoes and green beans to prove it. 

The roads, on the other hand, are not necessarily taken care of. I told my American travel companion, who happens to be named “Kim,” as well…that had I been pregnant with my twin boys, (as I was -twelve years ago), I have no doubt I would have gone into labor by now. There is absolutely no need for pitocin here; just a two hour drive up these breathtaking mountain roads.
We attended one of the Romanian American Mission (RAM) point churches this morning for their service. By doing so, our team leader was able to give a message on true repentance and the three of us that had traveled with him, were given an opportunity to share a little bit about our testimony. It’s always a little nerve racking because you really have no idea what God is going to have you say. “Over preparing” for these sorts of things never really works out well for me. Yet, not knowing what might come out of my mouth is always a little frightening too. Trust the Holy Spirit is the best way to go.:)
Following our service, we grabbed a bite to eat and headed towards our “home base” when suddenly we realized that our van driver wanted to visit a friend from the church we had just left – to have a cup of coffee. We were like, “What?” And then I thought, “Wait a minute, did they say coffee?! I’m totally in!” Moments later, our van pulled off the bumpy road where we all climbed out, walked through an iron gate and followed the Romanians up a steep sidewalk that was lined with rose bushes of every color. The house was so charming and the host stepped outside and brought chairs for us to sit. Greetings were made and shortly thereafter, his wife appeared with a tray and a carafe of very black coffee and seven tiny, white coffee cups. I turned to thank the woman of the house and recognized her from church that morning. I remembered her modest dress and reverent appearance. But rather than wearing a scarf on her hair and a conversation blouse and skirt, her hair was pulled back like I do at home; and I noticed she was wearing a t-shirt with English words. I burst out laughing as I read her purple, sparkly texted shirt outloud. It read, “The wind in my hair, and men at my feet .” She grabbed herself in shock because she had no idea what it read. She giggled nervously saying, “I only wear this when I am at home.” We all got a big laugh.
Moments later she came back out with short clear glasses and a tall container of what used to hold water but she had mixed some sort of evergreen tea. She and her husband told us it was a remedy for many things there in Romania including breathing problems and illnesses associated with the winter months. I have to be honest, I was a little worried about drinking something that I knew was homemade. Nonetheless, I and the team leader went like sheep to the slaughter and took a few gulps while saying, “umm umm.” It had a slight sweet honey tea flavor. I was secretly praying to the good Lord above that he would protect our fragile American guts from anything foreign. All the while, I was saying, “Mult ze muc, Mult ze muc” (Thank you, thank you.) Thank you for this potential laxative effect I may experience later.
We enjoyed some conversation when finally one of the interpretators said, we need to be heading toward our next mission point (church) because the service begins at 5:00. By this point it was 4:30. I said, “How long is the drive?” And she sighed saying, “One hour, we are already late.” One thing you have to say in Romania is, “It’s no problem.” So as we travel right now, down this rigid road, I am writing you. My team leader is sitting to my left. He has already looked at his scripture verses for his message tonight and is seriously now dozing. And my friend Kim is sitting in the seat in front of me, dozing as well as she listens to music through her ear buds. And our interpretator is asleep next to her. Our doctor and I are drowsy yet awake and barely alive. 
I will give my testimony again tonight. Pray God will be in the midst of our worship. Our visits today are intended to act as invitation to these communities. We are encouraging people to come see us on the days we return to their villages and to invite their unbelieving friends and family.
Monday, July 6th at 8am.
Everything went well last night. Our team leader shared a message from the scripture verse in Matthew when Jesus said, (paraphrased), “On that day, they will say, “Lord, Lord, we prophesied in your name and performed miracles…and Jesus will say, “Depart from me you workers of iniquity – I never knew you.” We arrived back at out hotel at approximately 9:00 and our dinner was ready by 10:00.

I slept well last night. I’m beginning to adjust to the time change. It’s 8:30 in the morning here and we are on the van again heading to the village of Frumoasa (msp), which means beautiful. I will try to write after the day’s events as we drive back to our hotel. I will be working with reading glasses as I simultaneously try to engage them in Christ-centered conversations and prayer time. Pray for opportunities to share Christ’s love through our words, and our actions. Love to you guys.

4:30 pm.

We just left the village and saw approx 150 people today. We stayed very busy. The temperature were pretty hot and I know the children’s team are worn out from the heat. Most of the rest of us worked inside a school. The only chairs I had for the people were made for preschoolers so we had to use the school’s small tables as benches. Each person I saw today were given reading glasses, if necessary, and was asked to read scripture. I was able to have a few interesting conversations – and I only pray that God speaks and they will hear.


We just finished dinner and I’ve had my shower. This is the earliest we’ve been back at the hotel in three nights. The sun is still up here in Romania. It is closer to 9:30+ before the sun settles down to sleep on us and wake up for you guys. My family is doing well. But I do miss them. Thank you guys for following along this journey. For two days I have tried to upload YouTube videos so you can hear our voices but we are having technical difficulties. I’m hoping by morning our two videos will have successfully uploaded. You can YouTube, “KimberlyMoon” and find them. (Scroll pretty far down -you’ll see me posing with a friend as my profile picture). Also, I’ll try to upload them in Facebook.

I will write tomorrow evening, as soon as I can.